Important Dates

March 2016
Friday, 18 March Registration opens
Call for Papers opens
April 2016
Sunday, 10 April Sponsorship application deadline
Deadline to a guarantee accommodation at the venue
mid April Announces of first batch of accepted talks
Accommodation application deadline
May 2016
Sunday, 1 May Close of talk submission
June 2016
Thursday, 23 June Start of DebCamp, University accommodation available from this day
Friday, 24 June Second day of DebCamp: Set-up
Saturday, 25 June Third day of DebCamp
Sunday, 26 June Fourth day of DebCamp
Monday, 27 June Fifth day of DebCamp
Tuesday, 28 June Sixth day of DebCamp
Wednesday, 29 June Seventh day of DebCamp
Thursday, 30 June Eighth day of DebCamp, Cocktail Party
July 2016
Friday, 1 July Final day of DebCamp
Saturday, 2 July Arrival day for DebConf, First day for sponsored people, Open Weekend
Sunday, 3 July First day of DebConf: Open Weekend, Debian Day
Monday, 4 July Second day of DebConf: Cheese and Wine Party
Tuesday, 5 July Third day of DebConf
Wednesday, 6 July Fourth day of DebConf: Day Trip
Thursday, 7 July Fifth day of DebConf
Friday, 8 July Sixth day of DebConf, Debconf Dinner
Saturday, 9 July Last day of DebConf: Closing ceremony, Teardown
Sunday, 10 July Departure day, all people should leave the venue by 10:00

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