dbconfig-common: taking it the next mile

Speaker: Paul Gevers

Type: BoF (45 mins)

Room: Menzies 10

Time: Jul 05 (Tue), 11:10

Similar to last year, I would like to discuss what is the way forward for dbconfig-common. Package maintainers that use or want to use or can't use dbconfig-common are especially invited to join the discussion. Share your success stories, difficulties or problems with respect to dbconfig-common. What are the wish lists (please file them already in the bts if they aren't there yet)?

I will briefly review the fixes and improvements that I implemented in the year between Debconfs.

Some ideas that I have:

  • way more databases support
  • inclusion in the Debian Policy that certain packages should use dbconfig-common
  • update/review the database policy included in the dbconfig-common package

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