Using LAVA for Debian

Speaker: Neil Williams

Type: BoF (45 mins)

Room: Menzies 11

Time: Jul 07 (Thu), 15:00

How to use LAVA to provide test support on real hardware which can be remote or local to the user.

  • publish local tests from your desk to support testing packages like u-boot.
  • install lava-dispatcher on a machine on your LAN and publish local tests for everyone to view and analyse
  • run CI on the Linux kernel packages on hardware - ramdisk, NFS and SATA media
  • test DI on real hardware (typically ARM).
  • publish local tests of VM images, including live images, and potentially run tests on VM images where appropriate hardware is available.
  • run server-client tests on relevant hardware which cannot be easily performed in sbuild or single VM instances.
  • support for VLAN testing is available although unlikely to be via itself.
  • support for Debian SSO for account creation.
  • XMLRPC and REST API interfaces.

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