The Electronic Struggle

Speaker: David Robert Lewis

Type: Open Weekend

Room: Menzies 10

Time: Jul 03 (Sun), 14:00

The role of information technology in the struggle for freedom, including the IBM apartheid case -- (the dompas, my correspondence with Mondo2000, Wired Magazine and Khulumani), nascent online protests, modem activism (West Coast, Silicon Valley and Cape Town), the dawn of information rights in South Africa, (Article 14 Privacy, 32 Access to Information), NetDemocracy and Constitution Building during 1995-1996 (canvassing of Communication Minister's Jay Naidoo and Pallo Jordan, iCafe sessions), some important milestones along the way, Electronic Freedom Charter, recent activism around the Cybercrime Bill, Privacy and Information Access, and other bills eroding communications freedom.


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