Next Generation Config Mgmt

Speaker: James Shubin

Type: Talk (45 mins)

Room: Menzies 10

Time: Jul 04 (Mon), 17:15

A presentation about a design for a next generation config management tool, and the specific problems this design solves.

Three of the main design features of the tool include:

  • Parallel execution

  • Event driven mechanism

  • Distributed architecture

This talk will demo a prototype I've built that implements these ideas. It is written in golang, and is completely free software.

I will also cover the new functionality we've added to the tool such as the automatic edge and automatic grouping features and other fun stuff that happened between now and the conference.

Mgmt's design goes out of its way to ensure that it always has feature parity on both Fedora and Debian simultaneously.

An introductory blog post on the subject is available. Attendees are encouraged to read it before the talk if they are interested!


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