Android SDK Tools in Debian

Speaker: Kai-Chung Yan

Type: Talk (20 mins)

Room: Menzies 12

Time: Jul 07 (Thu), 11:10

android-tools is a young packaging team which focuses on bringing a usable Android SDK/NDK to Debian. This talk describes the rationale, people involved and current status of our packages. We also would like to call for more people join us.

Android one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, which also makes the SDK vital to us. However not every developer in the world can easily download Android's SDK. In some corner of the world, people prefer to rely on third party mirror or even developer-provided binaries on some web drives. XcodeGhost on iOS side was caused by similar reasons. Additionally, official released Android SDK binaries are proprietary software. By building the SDK from source and deploy it to all Debian mirrors spread over the world, all developers can easily get it and are safe to use it.

The packaging force of Android SDK started as student projects of Google Summer of Code 2015 and 2016.


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