The Conservancy Debian Services Agreement: One Year Hence

Speaker: Bradley Kuhn

Type: Talk (45 mins)

Room: Menzies 9

Time: Jul 07 (Thu), 14:00

At my invited talk at DebConf15, I announced Software Freedom Conservancy's Debian Services agreement with the Debian project. Under the agreement, Conservancy provides some essential services to the Debian project. Most notably, Conservancy accepts copyright assignments and enforcement agreements from Debian contributors, and enforces those copyrights when copyleft licenses are violated. Additionally, Conservancy provides its expertise on licensing issues, project governance, and the like, in an advisory role to the Debian project.

This talk will cover what Conservancy accomplished for Debian under this services agreement, how the agreement is working so far, and what how Conservancy and Debian can work together in the coming year to make even better use of the services provided under the agreement.

Ideally, attendees will come to suggest ideas for what they'd like to see, and after a short presentation, the remaining time will be used for Q&A and discussion.


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