BoF about Sandstorm, the GDocs alternative used by Debconf, Tor, & more

Speaker: Asheesh Laroia

Type: BoF (45 mins)

Room: Menzies 12

Time: Jul 04 (Mon), 15:00

Sandstorm is the Google Docs alternative that Tor and Debconf use, and you can learn about it at this BoF. It's implemented as a a web app package manager built so that end-users can use whatever software they want, with aggressive sandboxing.

I'm on the development team and one of the admins of and would love to discuss it with fellow Debian people. is something any Debian community member is invited to use for their own personal use (and you can self-host it, too). You can use it for:

  • Personal documents (fully private to you), with Etherpad or Ethercalc or other tools

  • File sync, using Davros + ownCloud clients

  • CardDAV/CalDAV sync with Radicale

I'd love to show how you can use or self-host a Sandstorm install yourself, or listen to your feedback! has a few admins, and if you want to talk about becoming an admin, we can talk about that, too.

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