OpenStack, update in Debian, Gerrit, Jenkins, and CI/CD for packages

Speaker: Thomas Goirand

Type: Talk (45 mins)

Room: Menzies 10

Time: Jul 08 (Fri), 17:15

In this talk, we will review what happened in the OpenStack world over the last year: new projects that appeared in Debian (Congress, Aodh, Gnocchi, Magnum, Mistral, Senlin and Zaqar), and improvements in the existing projects (walk through important bits of the release notes), and how Debian became the base for the packaging of commercial products: Mirantis OpenStack is now fully based on the Debian packaging of OpenStack, and puppet-openstack is now fully compatible with Debian.

Then, in a 2nd part of this talk, we'll cover a broader topic: we'll see how a CI/CD and automation for writing packages (and more specifically Python modules) could help Debian developers at large, using either Jenkins, or Gerrit, Nodepool and Zuul, running an OpenStack deployment to build packages. We'll see how Mirantis implemented its CI (and what it can do), and how this is currently done in upstream OpenStack CI/CD infrastructure, and how we could deploy it for Debian, inside our own infrastructure.


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