Keerthana Krishnan

I'm a final year student in computer science.

I'm a web developer and an FOSS volunteer from the sunny little land of Kochi in India. I have been accepted for GSoC 2016 with Debian for my project "Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software "

I've also submitted a talk application for the topic "A Billion People And Even More Phones", a look at the way technology is changing the world's largest democracy and the way it's allowing female empowerment. If accepted, this would be the first major event of it's kind that I would be able to attend, that would be an honor.

Accepted Talks:

A look, as an insider, on how a multi billion dollar industry is changing the game in the world's largest democracy from an insider's point of view. I would like to talk about my journey as a female coder from a developing nation which gives me a different perspective to the world. From parents who taught me to use Linux at an early age to living in the land at the verge of an IT boom which assures a job to anyone with basic computer knowledge. Anyone at any stage of their professional life can be the audience. The goal is to entertain the audience while shedding light on how technology is changing India and helping us solve our problems and how you can leverage some of that to find a solution you maybe looking for. Special emphasis on women empowerment and future prospects.